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Frequently Asked Questions

The Phoenix Gift Card is a prepaid card which cannot be reloaded. It’s a onetime load card. It is a financial instrument which can be preloaded with a designated amount in Indian Rupees for subsequent use as per cardholder’s requirement.

Card can be used at all merchant outlet that accepts VISA cards in Phoenix Marketcity (Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Lucknow & Bareilly), High Street Phoenix & Palladium (Mumbai) only. The card cannot be used to withdraw cash.

Every time the gift card is used, the purchase amount is deducted automatically from the card balance. When you swipe the card at any POS machine, the machine will prompt for PIN. Enter your Gift card PIN details to complete the transaction

Swipe the card & input the purchase amount, the terminal will prompt for a PIN. User to punch in the correct PIN. Once the Pin is verified the transaction is authenticated / approved.

Gift card PIN should be used at POS for verification.

This is a single load card and the value of the card cannot be re-loaded.

No, there are no charges for using this card. If there are any merchant charges/fees, it will be directly debited from your card on every transaction. Charges are subjective to change from time to time.

You can purchase The Phoenix gift card at any of the Phoenix Malls located at Lower Parel, Kurla, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bareilly and Lucknow.

Yes, KYC documents are required to purchase the gift card. Along with the KYC documents an application form has to be submitted.

Know your customer (KYC) is a mandatory set of identity and address proof documents as prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

Any one of the following self-attested documents can be submitted as proof of identity:
  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Voter’s identity Card
  • Aadhaar Card No.
Any one of the following self-attested documents that can be submitted as proof of address:
  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Voter’s identity Card
  • Aadhaar Card No.
  1. Website -
  2. Call - 07666155220
  3. E-mail -

The beneficiary details are required as all communication regarding their gift card activation and transactions will be sent to their contact details in future.

The validity of the card is two years. The validity is printed on the card.

The card will be activated and loaded within 24 hours from payment confirmation.

  • You will get a monthly SMS to update you on your amount balance.
  • Each transaction will update you with the balance amount.
  • And you can check the balance online; Visit website: & login to check your balance details
  • Send SMS text “BALANCE”_1234 to “7200057575” from your registered mobile number against card. “_” denotes space and “1234” is last four digits of 16 digit card number i.e. XXXXXXXXXXXX1234)
  • Call – 07666155220

Once the amount in the card has been exhausted the card can no longer be used.

Immediately report it to ItzCash Customer Care team. The card will be blocked immediately to prevent any unauthorized usage. You may call at 07666155220 or email at

After you have blocked your card, you can approach your nearest Phoenix Mall Phoenix gift card kiosk & get issued a new card for the fee of INR 25 + taxes . Post which you can call the call centre and get the amount transferred from your blocked gift card to your new gift card. Transfer of balance is only in case of a blocked card.

No, the funds cannot be transferred in normal case scenario.

There is no limit to the value of shopping for a day. You can shop until the balance amount in the card is exhausted.

No, an expired card cannot be exchanged for a new gift card.

No, the card can only be used for POS transaction.

There is no limit on number of Phoenix gift cards you can buy at one go.

Yes, the charge is INR25 + taxes.

The balance can be paid by the customer in any accepted mode of payment at the vendor.

Yes, any item purchased through PGC can be returned or exchanged as per the return policy of the brand /store.

Any number of gift cards can be consolidated to make the purchased as per the payment policy of the brand/store.