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Phoenix Marketcity

Wire Room


THE RUSH IN THE AIR. It’s unsettling you up, nudging you- to explore things you haven’t. Loosening you, your thoughts, ideas, imaginations and perceptions, identities- making everything fluent and continuous. Take a pause. Breathe some and relax. Take in your surroundings- fidgety, cool & trendy. Bringing drama in life & inside- look-up. An endless network of glowing bass strings that are woven together letting a pattern emerges. Black & grey, red & gold with modern food and innovative cocktail list, alive with history and a pleasing blend of the new bold & comforting old but less old & newer. THAT RUSH- lets you gather, chat, observe, exchange, change, come alive & thriving. Connecting the dots. Moving between you. Making things happen. Wire room. Chennai

11 AM to 10 PM

Open : All DAY

Timing : Weekdays - 10.30 AM To 9:30 PM | Weekends & Public Holidays - 10.00 AM To 9:30 PM