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Snow White and the 7 Winter Makeup Hacks

Winter is great for many things- sitting by the fire, sipping coffee in the evening, sleeping through the morning…You get the picture, right? If there is, however, one thing that winter is not good for, it’s the skin. Regardless of your skin type or tone, the winter air invariably makes it dry and hard to manage. 

The good news is that there are quite a few simple hacks that you can add to your makeup routine and minimize the damage. We bring you the most essential winter makeup hacks to get you through the season. 

1. Use oil for moisturizing

The key to happy skin in the winter is keeping it hydrated. Sure, there are tons of moisturizers that are hydrating but they are much heavier than oil. Also, they can clog pores, which isn’t good for the skin. There are a lot of face oils which will do the trick. Try going for one which is a mix of all essential oils.

Use oil for moisturizing

2. Teabags for dry lips

Before you ask, yes, it works! It’s simple. Make yourself a cup of tea, drink it and take out the teabag. Gently rub it on your lips and they will feel softer and soothed instantly. The secret is the tannin, the same thing that can help you if you get a sunburn.

Teabags for dry lips

3. Use lotion while in the shower

Once again, hydration is the key here. Applying body lotion while still in the shower effectively ensures that the moisture is locked into your skin. It follows the same premise as applying moisturizer in a steamy room. Just pat yourself with a towel after the shower and apply the lotion. It works with any lotion but there are lotions available specifically for this purpose. Needless to say, they work better.

Use lotion while in the shower

4. Vitamin E for split ends

Okay, this hack isn’t for the skin but is hair any less messy in winters? Between the dryness and the dandruff, split ends are quite common during this time of the year. The best solution for that is Vitamin E oil. Just apply it on your hair and leave it overnight. Your problem should be solved. These oils are very good for scalp massages too and according to many, help in hair growth as well.

Vitamin E for split ends

5. Tinted moisturizer in place of foundation

It’s better if you switch to tinted moisturizer for the winter months. Although, plenty of foundations have a moisturizer base, they are mostly heavier. A tinted moisturizer, on the other hand, will even tone your skin and keep it hydrated at the same time.  

6. Use brown mascara

If you are one of those who suffer from paling of skin in the cold, we’d suggest switching over to brown mascara from black. The black mascara gives your eyes a very defined look but that doesn’t bode too well with pale skin. Brown, on the other hand, is softer and gels well with the pale colour of your skin.

Use brown mascara

7. Home-made lip scrub

It’s easy to make, it’s cheap and it works.  All you have to do is mix one tablespoon each of organic raw cane sugar and organic honey and voila! Your very own home-made lip scrub is ready. Rub it on your lips till all the dry flakes come off and rub off the excess with a tissue or cotton. You can also leave it overnight for softer lips.

Home-made lip scrub

There! You have the solution for the most common winter skin problems. Try these and never have a bad skin day in winter ever again!



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