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Benefits of Head Massage


The science:

While oil head massages are popular, dry massages are equally beneficial. Applying oil nourishes one’s hair and in addition, also calms the nervous system by tapping into the roots of the hair that are connected to the nerve fiber
Furthermore, kneading and stroking the scalp can help stimulate the nerves and blood vessels beneath the skin which relaxes muscle tension around the head.

Some studies have observed that a head massage helps in better secretion of certain chemicals in the body, including endorphins and serotonins. It is these chemicals that help lift your mood, reduce stress and thus create an environment for relaxation.

It is a known fact that there are umpteen important acupressure points on the head. These pressure points on being massaged improve blood circulation in the head, relax the senses, enhance memory and facilitate clear thinking.

The Benefits

Massaging the scalp also can relieve pain by improving circulation and removing muscle tension. This can be helpful especially if you are suffering from migraines or sinus related headaches. Head massages also remain the fastest way to improve someone’s state of mind through focused and conscious therapy of touch.

Increasing oxygen and glucose supply, reducing hair loss and improving eye sight are other benefits that head massages provide.

The benefits of the massage are not only restricted to scalp but are extended to the neck, shoulders, back and spine.

Without straining much energy, the therapist will be able to focus more on energy techniques which in turn can make the treatment magical.

The Conclusion

Many different medical practitioners and corporate companies are reaping the benefits of head massages.

In a bid to increase productivity and reduce absenteeism, several organizations are providing their employees with free in-house head massages. While on the other hand, dentists use head massages to ease their patient’s pain and relax their head muscles.

Also, sitting in office chairs for long hours in air conditioning and artificial lighting may cause headaches and result in muscle tension in the head which can be alleviated through a head massage.

We at O2 spa have seen the amazing effects of specific head massage. Over the years, skilled therapists have developed techniques through rigorous training that are matchless. Call +91 9030012145 or logon to for a relaxing therapy of head massage.


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